We collect your debts, in The Netherlands and in the rest of Europe via our professional partner-network
From mail order to (inter-) national E- & M- Commerce transactions, From Telecom & Utilities to NPL Balances;
We collect your outstanding monies efficiently at a no cure no pay arrangement.

Our Credit Management Services

We provide pre-collections, account receivables services & customer services, national & international debt collection & legal debt recovery.

Via our sister company we provide you with credit consulting and advisory to improve your internal processes.

Debt collection

Our debt collection focus is on mailorder, E- & M- Commerce, Telco, Utilities and last but not least non-performing loans.

Over the last years we used our knowledge and experience to work more and more with positive data to find out what a debtor is still able to do instead of focus on the negative part of what debtor can’t do.
This positive approach to debtors is quite successful and shows respect to the debtor which not only results in higher recovery-rates but also in a positive customer experience

International debt collection

Our European debt collection service allows you to solve debt problems and improve collection ratings.
Our Specialism is consumer debt recovery but we’re also capable to handle your commercial debt.

A key part of our strategy is mediation with the aim to resolve or settle disputes or issues in a financially satisfactory manner for our client, and where possible and if it makes senses commercially, to re-establish the relationship.

Assistance with legal debt recovery

Cash & Credit Collections can also assist you in legal proceedings all over Europe, if feasible and once it is clear that we have run out of amicable options for debt collection.

As every situation is different, and every country has its own particular legal system, each time a file and documentation analysis will be done together with our local partners.
You will be provided with an estimated budget for legal proceedings, prior to any legal actions being initiated.

Pre Collections, Account Receivables and Customer Services

Stay in complete – control of final “pre-collection” efforts
Maintain a positive, professional image of your organization
Tailor made notices to your specific needs

Cash & Credit Collections offers pre- collection activities, from a reminder email, registered email to a hardcopy letter. From a friendly customer-services call to a more firm debt collection call of course all out of your name and in a way you would like your customers to be approached.

We even can go a step further for the clients which want us to take care of all after invoices are send, from outsourcing your customer services, or your account receivables, we have the knowledge and it would be a pleasure to assist you.

Credit Consulting and (Legal) Advisory

Through our large network, experience, knowledge and expertise, we can assist your company with all credit management and debt collection related matters to require specific attention. For example, we can help you factoring or sale your debt portfolio to reliable players in the market, or advise you on your own debt collection process

We can support you with all legal advice needed for creation of T&C’s – legal review of your websites, landing pages, invoices and reminders this all for a low start-up fee, and continues monitor and advice you for a monthly recurring fee to make sure your company continues meets legal requirements

Collection Tools

Cash & Credit Collections partners can provide you with several tools to improve your margin starting with implementation of a credit-check , advices on your invoice and T&C’s, pre- collections and debt collection process.

We will be able to support from the start, we would love to be your partner!

We can support you with credit information & credit-checks on consumers based in The Netherlands.

We can support you with pre- collection activities, from a reminder (email or hardcopy letter) to a friendly customer-services call all out of your name

We can support you with the tools that we also use as debt collector.

Why should you work with Cash & Credit Collectors?

As a debt collection agency we operate from Haarlem in The Netherlands, we’re multilingual with a European focus. Our scope is not limited to one country.
We would love to become your European partner.

We know the power of networking

Cash & Credit Collections has built a strategic partner network.

We believe it makes us stronger as a debt collection agency, with the aim of maximizing the debt collection performances and revenues for our clients.

Our experience and knowledge are key

We procure high quality credit management services based on years of experience, specific knowledge and expertise built up in Europe.
Our executives have all worked for international businesses and on both sides of the table, as a purchaser but also a seller of debt collection products.

Last but not least we love to share our experiences with you.

Full end-to-end service

From pre- collection letters to authorized legal actions.
We offer a full end to end services whether it’s international or national debt collection.
Our professional approach ensures that we protect your brand reputation, as if it were our own.

Contract conditions

Unlike many, we do not require you to lock yourself into a binding annual contract or require to submit all your debt exclusively to Cash & Credit Collectors.
We will earn your loyalty through our performance, not through a contract


Start collecting your money

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